Friends and Family will help you through it all

Super Girl has amazing super powers that she alone can manipulate to her advantage but no matter how much power she has she will always need a helping hand especially if the job is too much for her. In Super Girl season 2 episode 8 it has shown that you cannot fight a battle alone. Though a lot of things were known in the episode, it will show you that you will always need a helping hand and that you will always receive a helping hand too and it will stick with you through it all.


Though this episode shows that there will be countless life at stake, Super Girl must rely on her friends to be up to date with the recent activities of her enemies because she cannot do it all on her own. This will show you that if you want to succeed on certain things you can always ask help from your friends and family because they are always there for you if you ever need them. Don’t ever be shy to ask for their help or think that you wouldn’t need their help because in the end, they will need your help.


Super Girl season 2 episode 8 would show that there are times where you cannot succeed alone without the help of your family and friends because with their help you will be able to succeed in help because they will help you and stick with you through it all. They will never leave you behind and will always have your back, the same way the adopted mother has Kara’s back and how J’onn has Kara’s back in order to help her save lives. With help and cooperation, there will be a lot of amazing things that can happen.