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Facts on Carrageenan in Milk Formulas

When it comes to the health and well-being of a newborn baby, breastfeeding is a must, and it should not be weaned with other milk formulas unless the child reaches a certain age that is ready to have other beverages such as juices and such. Feeding the baby with formula is crucial as you do not know if your baby is tolerant to the milk that you are feeding. Looking for the healthiest baby formula is important. As you are choosing there are certain things that you’ll need to consider.


When it comes to baby formula’s, you should not forget reading the ingredient part wherein you will see the lists of ingredients that are used in making the formula. You will notice carrageenan ingredient. It is said that carrageenan is dangerous to the health of humanity, but that is not found to be an exact research and information because most dairy products contain carrageenan and there is no one fact that sorts out a result of health issues.


Selecting the right baby formula is one thing that you’ll need to remember and make sure that you are buying only the milk formula that does not cause any uncomfortable results to your baby such as gastrointestinal problems.


How organic is it?


Most of the conventional baby formulas are made with ingredients that are said to have traces of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and oils that are all extracted in Hexane. While there are also organic milk formulas that contain a gross content as well.


Does it contain sugar?


If you are breastfeeding, you must know that breast milk are very sweet so this means that if you are going to wean your baby with milk formula, it is somehow the same with breast milk so this means that you do not have to add sugar in the milk.