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3 different animal activities to try on KohSamui

KohSamui is not just a place of beaches and wonderful tourist attractions, there are also many zoos and nature parks that are located on the island. And along with those different kinds of zoos and nature parks, there are also many different animals that you can find at these places on KohSamui. So if you want to experience the wildlife of Thailand, there is no better place to do it than on KohSamui. The abundance of nature parks and zoos will satisfy any tourist looking for a wild experience. And what is better is that together with this huge amount of zoos, there are also many wonderful places to stay at such as the villas, KohSamui, just find one to book a few nights in a villa.


Butterfly farm

KohSamui is renowned for its butterflies as much as its beaches. You can tour one of these butterfly farms to see the beautiful insects up close and personal.


Tiger park

If you want more excitement on your visit, you can just go on a safari tour of the many tiger parks on the island. You can see these majestic beasts really close in a tiger park.


Snake charmers

Along with the butterfly farms, there are also snake farms on KohSamui. You will find that these snake farms are full of snake charmers and hundreds or even thousands of snakes too.



These are just some of the amazing animal wonders you can find on KohSamui. So if you want to truly experience the wildlife of Thailand, you had better visit the various exciting places on KohSamui. And by going to KohSamui, there are also many places to stay at while on the island. For example, you could stay at one of the many villas, KohSamui. You will find that staying at a villa is so much more comfortable than staying at a hotel.